Yoga 101: A Beginner’s Workshop Series

This is a workshop series for those brand new to yoga or those who would like to learn more about proper alignment and variations of common yoga poses. We will discuss different topics such as selecting a yoga mat, explaining how to use different props, practicing different breathing exercises, understanding some yoga jargon and cues you hear in class like what does “hug in from the skin to the muscle to the bone” actually mean?

We will meet every week for 4 weeks on your selected day and time. We have Monday evening and Saturday morning available. The workshop is 75 minutes each session, but we won’t be moving the whole time. $60 (paid in advance or due at the first class) is the total for the entire series.

We will start with some discussion followed by a short yoga flow to warm up our bodies. After our warm up we will start breaking down common yoga poses and really geeking out on ideal alignment and how to use props and other variations to make that pose fit your unique body.

Yoga is for ALL. My goal with this workshop is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with yoga so you can try new things in class or start attending yoga classes. This will be an open discussion workshop where we all learn and can ask questions in a safe and welcoming environment.

Each week we will build on the previous week and learn more. You will have time to practice what you learned and come back with questions. A handout that you can take notes on will be included.

Join us for an easy going and fun way to learn the basics of yoga and its benefits. To register you can click on the “sign up for a class” tab on the main menu then select workshops. From there select your preferred day and time. You can skip the payment part if you’d rather pay in person.