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6:30 pm – FeetUp & Flow (Jen)


6 am – Sunrise Slow Flow  (Anne-Marie) 

9 am – All Levels Flow/Yoga Foundations (Jen)

6 pm – All Levels Flow  (Jen)


10 am – Chair Yoga  (Anne-Marie)

5 pm – Yoga + HIIT (Kym) 

6:30 pm – Gentle Yoga (Callie)


6 am – Sunrise Slow Flow  (Anne-Marie) 

6 pm – Flow & Restore  (Jen)


5:00 pm – Flow & Restore  (Anne-Marie) 

6:15 pm – Yogi Speaks (Anne-Marie) 


9 am – All Levels Flow  (Jen)


9 am  – Gentle Yoga  (Callie)

Studio Policy as of 9/1/21: Classes with zero students registered one hour before class start time will be cancelled. Download the Schedulicity App to quickly sign up for classes, manage your account, and opt in for reminders/class updates. 

Schedule updated 01/02/22

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