Sound Healing with Austin Shook

Investment: $30. Membership discounts apply. Sign up below and you can pay in advance or in person.

Beyond a cellular level, our bodies are made of energetic vibrations. What better way to effect our vibrations than using vibrations – through sound healing. Join us for a sound healing experience with Austin Shook on Wednesday, June 2nd at 7pm. This experience will begin with a gentle guided meditation and simple breathwork exercises, preparing you to transition into being bathed in sounds for the remainder of this 90 minute class.

In the sound bath portion of this experience, Austin will be using an array of musical instruments from ancient cultures to create a space of deep peace. With these instruments, he will be holding space for each of you to connect with aspects of yourselves that often get foggy through our daily routines. You may experience deep relaxing states that can promote awareness of yourself beyond the body or emotions that can lead you the essence of your being, as well as a release from negative patterns. 

Austin Shook is a natural healer in a variety of modalities. All of his practice is centered around the heart with the belief that once the heart is healed, the choice to give and receive love freely is made. After this balance is achieved in the heart space, everything else naturally balances itself. His modality of choice is sound therapy. With this technique, he uses an array of instruments from ancient cultures across the world to create a space that makes it effortless to slip into a peaceful state of mind and being. Austin is also certified as a Reiki Master and utilizes high vibrational energy (love) to balance out the rest of the energetic centers in the body and to release blockages that keep us from recognizing and merging with our highest potential self.

Check out Austin on social media to hear some samples of his incredible talent. FB@DharmaAziam IG: @Alignment_Sound_Energy

We are looking forward to hosting Austin next month! Be sure to register in advance to save your spot. We have blankets, bolsters, and other props at the studio to make you comfortable, but feel free to bring any props from home for maximum comfort. Dress in cozy layers.