Schedulicity Walkthrough : How to sign up for a class and pay online.

Here is a video tutorial of how to sign up for a class, pay online if you want, update your profile, and cancel classes through Schedulicity. A written out version of this tutorial is below.

Visit or download the Schedulicity App & search for True You Yoga. You can also visit our website and click on “Sign up for a class” under the main menu or click the book now button on our Facebook and Instagram page. All of these options will take you to the same place. If you don’t already have a Schedulicity account you will need to set one up with your name and email. 

Select the class or workshop you wish to book. If you are booking a workshop or special event, those are located under a different tab at the top than the default classes tab you come to first. You can read a class description by clicking on the “i” for information. Click on the class you want to take and select “book this class for yourself” or you can book a group as well. 

You can hit “next” at the top to skip paying online. If you prefer to pay online follow the steps below.

*If this is your first time visiting the studio and you want to pay online you will select “New student offer- 1st class $10” from the package menu. 

** If you want to pay for a single class or purchase a package online you will select one of the three package (single, 5 class, or 10 class) options. Memberships are only available for purchase in the studio.

Tip: If you currently have a class package you will be able to see how many classes are left from this package menu. It will be highlighted above under active packages. 

Hit “next” on the upper right corner after adding a package to purchase online

If you prefer to pay in person do not select a package option, hit next when that menu opens. It will not ask you for CC info. It will show a balance due of $15, that may or may not  be accurate. We will add the first time discount in the studio at check in, or you may purchase a single class or package at check in.

If you select a package it will ask you for your credit card information and address (unless you already have a card saved on file). 

**It will show you owe $15 due at appointment PLUS the amount of your selected package. For example, if you selected a 5 class package it will say your total is $75, and $15 is due at appointment and the amount due today is $60. Your card will only be charged for the amount due today which is $60 in this example. We will apply that package in the studio at check in. You do not owe the $15 like it says…. This gets everyone confused! This is one glitch with this program. 

Hit book my visit. You will receive an emailed receipt immediately if you paid online along with a confirmation email for the class booking. Many people will book a class (and not select a single class or package) and think they already paid. It may ask you for a card to save on file, but unless you select one of the packages it will not charge your card

While on Schedulicity you can also click on profile at the bottom and enter (or edit) your information. Don’t forget to add your birthday for a free class pass during your birthday month. You can add your picture to your profile which helps with checking in and it’s fun to see your pictures!