Welcome! Here is a guide to help with registering for a class or event

Register for a class or check the schedule by visiting Schedulicity.com. You can click on the link from our website, Facebook, or Instagram page and it will take you to the web version. The easiest way to manage your classes and see the most up to date schedule is by downloading the Schedulicity App and save True You Yoga as a favorite. If you don’t already have a Schedulicity account you will need to set one up with your name and email. Don’t forget to jot down your password somewhere. Every individual must have their own account login and password, Schedulicity doesn’t have a family booking option at this time. See below for booking kids and guests. 

Select the class or workshop you wish to book. Some workshops may be located under the workshop tab, but most will be under the classes tab. You can read a class description by clicking on the “i” for information. Select the class you wish to register for and follow the prompts on the net screen. 

If this is your first time visiting the studio and you prefer to pay for the class online you will select the $10  “New Student Single Class Pass” under the add-on menu. You will have an option to upgrade your single class pass for our new student intro offer at the studio. If you upgrade the same day as your first class we will credit your $10 towards the intro offer. Our 30 days for $39 new student intro offer is not available for purchase online. 

Hit “next” on the upper right corner after selecting the $10 new student single class pass to continue booking and complete your purchase. It will ask you for your CC info and saving a card on file makes it super easy for future purchases. All CC info is encrypted and we cannot add your CC info to a family members account, we need the physical card to do that. If you prefer to pay in person do not select the new student single class pass, and just hit next when on that screen as well as the next screen asking for CC info. Please arrive to the studio early (at least 10-15 minutes) to fill out a new student registration form, pay if needed, and get set up for your class.

To pay for a regular single class or purchase a package online you will select the package (single, 5,10, etc) you wish to purchase from the add-on menu. Hit “next” on the upper right corner after adding a package to continue booking and complete your purchase. If you prefer to pay in person do not select a package option and hit next when the add-on menu opens. If you currently have an active class package you can see how many classes are left from this package menu page. It will be highlighted above and listed under active packages. Do NOT select any of the boxes below or it will add another package to your account. 

 If you prefer to pay in person, skip selecting a package option and hit next. If you currently have an active class package you can see how many classes are left from this package menu page. It will be highlighted above and listed under active packages. Do NOT select any of the boxes below or it will add another package to your account. 

Complete your reservations by clicking ” book my visit” and you will receive an emailed receipt immediately if you paid online along with a separate confirmation email for the class booking. Many people will book a class (and not select a single class or package) and think they already paid.Online payment is preferred but not required except for workshops and special events. It may ask you for a card to save on file, but unless you select one of the packages or you’re booking an event/workshop it will not charge your card

You’re all set!! Please arrive to the studio 5-10 minutes at least before class to check in, pay if needed, and get yourself set up for class and settle in. If you’re a first time visitor please allow extra time to fill out a new student registration form. If you are going to be late, contact the studio at 812-596-4281 and leave a voicemail or text. We lock the doors at the beginning of class. 

We understand things come up and you may need to cancel. Some classes are very busy and have limited space or a waiting list, so we ask for you to cancel your reservations as soon as possible so another yogi may have that spot.  You can cancel a class online up to one hour before the start time, but if it’s less than an hour you must let us know by contacting the studio at 812-596-4281. Please leave a voicemail or text including your name and the class you are canceling. Please do not cancel classes on social media or via email because the instructors will not see that notification. You must cancel by contacting the studio using the number listed above. No shows and last minute cancellations may be charged a $15 fee or deducted one class package. 

Schedulicity doesn’t have a family booking option (yet) and we have the group booking option disabled because it gets very confusing on our side of the computer. If you want to bring a guest and they don’t have their own online account, attach a note to your booking and let us they’re coming with you. We can easily add them to the class schedule and reserve their space. If you are using your guest pass included in your monthly membership or wish to share one of your class passes, please let us know and we can add that pass to their account ahead of time. If you’ve already booked a class and forgot to attach a note, contact the studio at 812-596-4281. You can also register your guest in person, but remember online reservations are best for busier or limited classes.

 For booking children online (Yoga for Kids) you can book through Schedulicity using your account and reserve a space for yourself. Attach a note to this reservation letting us know this reservation is for so and so.  If this will be the child’s first visit to the studio please make sure your contact number is entered either under your profile or in the attached note along with the first and last name of each child and their age. If they’ve already been to a class we only need the child’s name. 

Another  way to register your little one for Yoga for Kids is to email the studio at info@trueyouyoga.org or text the studio at 812-596-4281 and give us the name(s) of each child and which class you are registering them for. If it will be their first visit please be sure to include your name, email, and phone number, and child’s age. 

We have a new class package (6 classes for $54) for kids under 12, it is only available for purchase in person, and this package may be shared with another child. 

Special events and workshops require reservations and payment in advance to secure a spot. A refund or account credit will only be issued if reservations are cancelled 24 hours or more before the event. You are welcome to pay for a guest, contact us and we will get that taken care of!  

Most special events and workshops will be located under the classes tab. Click on the calendar to jump to the date to find that event to book. If you don’t see it listed under classes, it will be found under the workshop tab. You will register for these events the same way as a regular class. 

Special events (sound healing) and workshops (macrame, candle making, etc) are not included in the new student intro offer, memberships, or class packages. Monthly members be sure to book using the unique code emailed to you or register in person to apply your discount. 

Pop up classes are classes that are not regularly scheduleed such as Star Wars Yoga, Rage Yoga, or Yoga in the Park. These classes ARE included in your membership, class package, and intro offer. Be sure to check the location of these pop up classes, sometimes they are outdoors or off site. You will register for these classes the same way as the regular classes listed above. It is recommended to book these classes in advance to reserve your spot. 

If you prefer a visual Schedulicity tutorial watch this!

This is an older tutorial and we no longer have the group booking option available. Please read above how to schedule guests and kids.