True You Yoga is expanding!

I have loved teaching in various parts of the county, especially this summer at the Farmers Market and in the park. Outdoor yoga classes will return when the weather is warmer…unless you’re interested in some (cold) cryo-yoga.

We are so happy to announce our upcoming expansion into a studio of our own and right next door to Belle Amie Massage Therapy! This means more classes will be offered, including some classes that have been long awaited for. We also have several incredible yoga teachers that will be joining the team as well. Please follow our page on social media and join our mailing list for more studio updates.

Until we move into our new studio, hopefully this month as planned, ALL yoga classes will be held at Belle Amie Massage Therapy. Thank you for your continued support and I cannot wait to share this beautiful space we’re creating for you.

I LOVE this reclaimed wood wall we built at the studio! This is a sneak peek into our new space.

Yoga Classes at The Discovery Center

Our regular yoga classes will be moving indoors to the Harrison County Discovery Center beginning the last week of October. Classes are Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9 am. We will be practicing upstairs and there is an elevator if needed. Please bring your own mat and yoga props (blocks, straps) if you can. I have a limited number of mats and props available for you to borrow if needed.

Per Indiana government and CDC guidelines masks must be worn throughout The Discovery Center. There will be a fan with a filter circulating fresh air in the space. Mats will be spaced per social distancing recommendations.

Due to social distancing guidelines class size will be very limited. Registration through Schedulicity is required. If you are unable to attend a class you are registered for PLEASE cancel ASAP so another yogi may have that spot. You may purchase a single class or multiple class pack online or in person. Cash or credit card is accepted.

Parking is located street side or in the parking lot behind the Discovery Center.

If this is your first class with True You Yoga please arrive early to complete a new student registration and waiver form.

More classes are being added to the schedule

I am adding more outdoor yoga classes to the schedule because I love teaching yoga in the park. I am also adding some more classes at Belle Amie as our schedules allow. I have spoken with several individuals and I am waiting to hear back for more information, but I am close to securing a location for our “Yoga Under The Stars” and have a few possible options. I am really excited to teach that class. Please stay tuned for more information.

Yoga In The Park

This was my first yoga in the park class and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun to teach, the energy from everyone was incredible, and it filled my heart with so much joy. We had a wonderful turnout and I already had requests for another class before we even left Hayswood Park. I am trying to contact the Parks Dept. to make sure I can use that area of the park on a regular basis, schedule and weather permitting.

Another class I have dreamed of teaching is Yoga Under The Stars. I dreamed of teaching this before I even became a yoga teacher. I would go outside to practice in my yard or driveway and talk myself through a practice. I would think how incredible this would be to share with others. Fast forward, I became a registered yoga teacher in the spring of 2019… YAY!! I didn’t have the courage or confidence to teach this class last summer, but my intuition is telling me I MUST make this happen. Currently, I am brainstorming with others to find a large area that will meet our needs for this class, and I am excited to check out a possible location tomorrow morning. STAY TUNED!!!

Why under the stars? A clear dark night with stars lighting up the sky like a million watt lightbulb is just mesmerizing to look at. Also, if your skin is like mine it has two settings…. well done and extra crispy. So, a break from the sunshine is wonderful too. But the true fascination with stars is the healing and peace I feel when star gazing. Yoga brings me that same healing and peace, along with many other benefits too. I am looking forward to blending these two joys together and sharing this with others. I will post more details once I have a location and date(s) in mind.

A BIG thank you

I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has joined a live class, watched a recorded class, shared such kind feedback, and donated. I really appreciate all the support, and especially during this challenge. I was super frustrated with technology at first and felt very overwhelmed. With almost every studio offering online classes I really put the pressure on myself. I wanted to offer beautiful videos in high definition, with a seamless scheduling system, and on and on. The truth is, I was again comparing myself to others and sitting on my own cactus. After a failed attempt at teaching my very first chair yoga class, which was my third online class attempt, I gave up with the online classes for a bit. I’ll just leave the classes up to the other amazing yoga teachers out there is what I thought.

I started thinking about my why (I teach) and how despite the challenges I had to keep trying and figure this out. In a time when we NEED yoga even more, I can’t give up just because I feel resistance. That’s NEVER been my style. I’m getting Zoom figured out after several trial and errors, and I signed up up for a streaming service to have my videos available to watch on demand. I was running out of storage in Zoom’s app after only a few classes which was another issue. I’m also learning how to create this website, with help from my brother, and I’m getting faster at adding content and updating now. I also discovered how to fix the unstable internet issue I was having at first when streaming classes by plugging a cable directly into the router. I’m still fighting with my Dad’s webcam, but I did finally get it work with my Mac. I’m proud to say that no devices were thrown in the learning process!

After recording class Friday evening I felt much better about getting my yoga classes online and to you. Things aren’t going to be perfect and I embrace my mess! Teaching virtually is a challenge for sure, but will help me grow as well. I may even keep teaching some virtual classes once this all over with. I finally got off my cactus and I’m working on getting more classes scheduled along with a little more variety. I am going to add a 20-30 minute flow, Power Vinyasa (more challenging but all levels), perhaps a restorative class, and try again with the chair yoga. If there is something you’d like please let me know! If there is anything I can do to help you with your practice or anything else please let me know. I am also able to offer private, one on one, virtual classes or workshops if you have something that you want to work on. Contact me and we can discuss it! Namaste!

It’s official now!

I’ve completed my training and I’m officially a certified children’s yoga instructor. I’m super excited to teach some kid friendly classes in the local area once the social distancing ban is lifted. In the meantime I am gathering my props for yoga games, activities, and much more. If you have any ideas of a local space I could teach at please leave a comment or email me!

Kids Yoga Classes Coming Soon!

I am currently working on the second half of my kids yoga teacher training, and will be getting my certification within the next couple of weeks. I am having fun with this training and can’t wait until we can get together again and show you some fun things I’m learning… it’s NOT all just for kids!

I am trying to think ahead to places I would be able to teach a kid friendly yoga class. Some ideas that came to my mind was the Harrison County YMCA, renting hourly space at a local studio, or perhaps a church. I would need to talk with the program directors at the YMCA and get more information because I don’t want my classes limited to only families with memberships. If you have any ideas or suggestions on locations please leave a comment or send me an email.

New Website!

With the extra time I have on my hands right now I decided to FINALLY work on building my website. True You Yoga on Facebook is still the best source for classes and updates at this time. Please stay tuned as more content and links are added to this website. Just as I am having to learn how to teach yoga online, this is website is new to me as well.