Intro to FeetUp Workshop

Switch your perspective and sign up HERE for the FeetUp Workshop. Select which time works best for you. This is a single (90 min) session. We will slowly breakdown how to use the FeetUp Trainer, address common fears around inversions, and how to safely go up and come and coming down. We will have a shorter FeetUp & Flow Class to practice what we learned and how to use this trainer for other yoga postures. You can still practice inversions (we call them YINversions) and keep your toes on the mat!

Teens and Tweens are welcome to join this workshop. If you have heart issues, glaucoma, or pregnancy (and first time with inversions) it is best to consult with your doctor prior to inversions. Lowering your head below your heart does increase optic (eye) pressure and makes your heart work a bit harder.

Members contact Jen to apply your discount.