Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most common questions we get asked all in one place! If you have any other questions contact us.

All of our classes are sequenced for all levels of experience and flexibility. We offer variations to poses so you can modify or amplify if that’s what you’re feeling in that moment. Our studio also has various yoga props to help you create a pose that fits your body. We remind students that it is THEIR  practice. All that matters is that you show up and do the best you can, and you will see positive changes in your life. 

Please arrive early before your first class (15 minutes is good) to fill out our waiver, purchase your class pass or our new student intro offer (only available for purchase in person) if you didn’t already purchase online. We accept cash, credit card, Venmo, and PayPal in the studio. Arriving early also gives you time for a quick tour and time to set up and settle in before class starts. If you are running late be sure to text (best) or call the studio and leave a voice message. We have started locking our doors at the beginning of class.  

Please remove your shoes in the lobby and store your belongings in the cubby area to the right. There is a water dispenser to refill your bottle, grab a quick sip if needed, or you’re welcome to fix yourself a cup of hot tea from our tea bar. 

Please be sure to turn your cell phone on airplane mode or make sure they are silenced so no alerts or alarms go off during class. Don’t forget to toss your chewing gum…it’s challenging to breathe deeply without choking on your gum or clenching your teeth to hold it in place. Yoga is all about the breath! 

Masks are currently optional and always available in the cubby area. We have plenty of space so set yourself up a comfortable distance from others. Our students are “free range” yogis meaning we don’t have the floors marked for mat placement. If we have a larger class the instructor or studio assistant will help you with mat placement where you’re comfortable.  

Please refrain from using tobacco (including vaping) or heavily perfumed products prior to class. 

If you have any allergies please be sure to write that on your registration form. We do not use any citrus based cleaning products, and avoid using Theives products in the studio due to some sensitivities. 

We offer a cool lavender aromatherapy towel at the end of class. You can place those over your eyes, neck, chest, or anywhere you’d like to help you relax even more. After class please place your towel in the hamper near the front desk in the lobby. We use Young Living and Revive essential oils.

If you use one of our bolsters (sturdy cushion) please cover it with a pillow case that can be found in a basket next to them. After class please place your used cover in the dry only hamper located next to the bolsters. 

Please clean your mat after class if you borrowed one from the studio. We have gray cloths on the props table to use and mat cleaner in a labeled spray bottle. If you have a cork mat, we have a special cleaner for those and it is labeled as well. Please DO NOT roll up your wet or damp yoga mat. There is drying rack located in the very back next to the restrooms where you can hang it to dry.

We offer hands on assists as well as verbal cues. These assists help you deepen your practice, find better alignment, and further release tension. You can opt out of any hands on assists by giving us a little wave, telling us you’d rather not have any, or flipping your consent card over to say “no thank you”. You can change that consent card to yes or no anytime you wish. We respect your space. You can find those consent cards on the props table as well, they’re kept next to the mat cleaner and gray towels. 

Most importantly come as you are and not how you think you should be. We have a wide range of yogis in our studio from first timer to very advanced. Our classes are structured for ALL LEVELS. Do NOT compare your practice to anyone else’s. We are all on our own journey but we started out in the same place together, and you have to start somewhere. Yoga is a practice that we continually learn and grow from. Nobody shows up to class the first time (or even the 20th time) and knows exactly what they’re doing! Flexibility is NOT a requirement, but an open mind, willingness to try, and a sense of humor is.

It is not required for most classes, but it is strongly recommended. Our FeetUp & Flow class is limited to a max of 12 students, and we’ve limited the number of students in other classes. We can’t guarantee you a spot in class unless you register ahead of time through Schedulicity (that’s our online booking system).

We also updated our class policy on 9/1/21 that class will be cancelled if nobody is registered at least 1 hour prior to class. 

Shoes are not worn during yoga and we ask that you remove your shoes in the lobby and store them in the cubbies on the right. If you prefer to keep your socks on a pair with grippers on the bottom or yoga socks is recommended. Regular socks can be slippery on your yoga mat.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. The studio is usually kept around 70 degrees, but it does get warm and you may glisten from sweat. Our female yogis wear yoga pants, sports bras, and tank tops or t-shirts. Our male yogis usually wear shorts with supportive briefs and a t-shirt. You want to make sure you feel comfortable and don’t have to fidget with your clothes too much.

We also have some pretty awesome shirts and tanks available for purchase in our studio. We will be adding some cooler weather gear soon. 

If you have your own yoga mat or props bring them. We have yoga mats that students may borrow for free along with plenty of props (blocks, blankets, etc). You may bring a water bottle to refill at the studio or your favorite mug to have some hot tea afterwards if you’d like. Sometimes a hand towel is handy if you tend to sweat easily. 

The more you practice the better you will feel. Some yogis practice a few times a week or more with us, while some come weekly. By planning out your schedule for the week (and booking your classes in advance) you will create that much needed space for you to practice. Even if you can’t make into the studio, we have a few free videos you can practice to at home and we are currently planning for an on demand library option. 

It’s always best to consult with your doctor first. Although we have lots of training in anatomy and much more, we cannot diagnose or treat injuries. Yoga is an EXCELLENT practice to help heal the body naturally, but it is not a replacement for medical treatment. If you have an injury be sure to let the instructor know prior to class so we can make a note in your account and offer some modifications and suggestions.  

This is a personal preference like your underwear! You don’t need as many mats as pairs of undies but some yogis do have more than one mat. Some mats are better for outdoors or the FeetUp classes (inexpensive ones) and you may like a nicer mat for your regular practice. Just like good running shoes is the most important item a runner needs, a yoga mat is going to be an important investment in your practice. 

Starting out you are welcome to borrow one of our basic studio mats. They offer some cushioning, but as with all closed cell mats these can get slippery if you’re a heavy sweater and that’s where a small towel or yoga mat towel can come in handy during class! Once we have the premium rental option you can try out different yoga mat brands and styles such as Yoloha Cork, Lululemon, and Manduka to name a few. 

I am a HUGE fan of cork for the light weight, grip, and it offers cushion. Lululemon is excellent for those heavy sweaters, but you have to avoid essential oils on it or it can break down faster and lose its tacky surface. These mats also periodically require a DEEP cleaning and letting it sit and dry for DAYS to refresh that tacky texture.

 We have a bonus video about how to select a yoga mat and some recommendations in the link below. A couple things to keep in mind when shopping for a new mat is do you want extra cushioning and are you a heavy sweater. Also, if you are tall you will want to look for an extra long mat to have plenty of space on. 

Click here to watch the video on selecting a yoga mat.

We have yoga mats you can borrow for free anytime, and soon we will offer some premium yoga mats that you may rent. This is a great way to “try before you buy” different mats. 

You can choose between foam or cork yoga blocks. The foam ones are great for everything, but but if you want something a little sturdier opt for cork. 

There is two types of blankets depending on your preference. The purple and maroon ones are heavier (around 3 lbs) and are a favorite to cover up with during the final rest pose at the end of class or during our restorative classes. The blue blankets are regular weight and offer a little more plush cushion. Blankets are FANTASTIC to place under knees or hands for extra support as well as cushioning in other poses. 

You will find yoga straps in a bin that is labeled. 

We do have a couple sets of cork wrist wedges you’re welcome to borrow to take some pressure out of your hands and wrists. 

Bolsters come in two sizes, large and small (we call them baby bolsters). These offer extra support like a dense pillow. 

Our last prop to mention, and in my opinion the coolest one, is our FeetUp Trainers. These are little stools that we use for regular practice and are designed for safe and supportive inversions. Learn more about those in our FeetUp & Flow class on Monday evenings. 

Students that have been attending classes for awhile usually bring their own favorite props with them, but we always have these available for in studio classes. When we practice outdoors props are VERY limited. 

The instructor or studio assistant will let you know what props you need for class that day. It’s always a great idea to grab a couple of blocks and a blanket to start, and maybe a strap. 

Boy, this one is exhausting. It has been ever changing and continually evolving since March 2020. Even with our best efforts we cannot please everyone. If you are in a higher risk category we recommend masking up and using your best judgement. 

We have a large space, but limit class size to 50% capacity to allow extra spacing. Advanced registration is strongly recommended. 

Our instructors and studio assistants disinfect heavily touched surfaces regularly, and we have a large container of hand sanitizer next to the masks in the cubby area.

Our mats and props are sprayed and wiped down with a disinfecting solution after each class. All props are deep cleaned regularly by our team. Some students prefer to bring their own mat, blanket, strap, and blocks for extra precaution. 

We are now using covers (laundered after each use) on our bolsters because cleaning them and controlling the “fuzz-ums” from the blankets was tiring and they are showing discoloration from all the cleaning. We utilized a UV light at one point to clean, but as the nature of the virus was discovered to be more airborne than on surfaces, we went back to regular disinfecting spray and rotating use. The same goes with our blankets. They are laundered regularly (I cannot believe how much lint these still leave behind in my dryer!!!).

We ask if anyone is not feeling well, showing signing of Covid-19, or knowingly was exposed to please stay home.   

All of our instructors are fully vaccinated. We know many of our students are fully vaccinated as well, but we do not ask for proof.

All lavender face towels are laundered after use. 

When planned ahead and the weather is nice we sometimes opt to practice yoga outdoors either next to the studio, at Hayswood Park, or downtown at the Farmers Market. 

Jen (the studio founder/owner) worked in dentistry for 20 years, including almost 18 years as a dental hygienist, and has knowledge in infection control procedures. Along with our studio protocols, common sense cleaning, and the compassion our students we have been successful in offering in person yoga classes since June 2020, even if some classes were outside in the heat & rain back then. We all will admit that we’re spoiled with the studio now. 

We are currently in the planning stages to offer yoga classes on demand (pre- recorded) to help those that have busy schedules or prefer to practice at home. We offered live yoga classes via Zoom last year while closed due to Covid or inclement weather. There may be some live classes offered in the up coming months, but we don’t offer hybrid classes. It is too difficult to focus on our students in person at the studio AND those on the screen at the same time. 

If you have any concerns please talk with one of our team members! We will do what we can to help you stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically during this unusual time. 


Not only can you practice yoga and mindfulness, we offer fun workshops in our studio and you can shop for some great gifts for yourself and others. 

We now have some pretty awesome studio swag with our logo such as campfire mugs, tees & tanks, stickers, and magnets. We appreciate your support and love seeing our gear out and about! We also carry some beautiful handmade items from local artists and some other products listed below that supports other small businesses as well. 

Lovely Daffodils – aromatherapy bracelets, necklaces, and roll on perfumes are just a few of her creations.

Rae Candle Company– these are clean burning soy wax candles that smell amazing! Scents in stock vary seasonally. 

Kara’s F-Bombs– bath bombs with an attitude! These come in so many cool designs and scents, you can even get them with surprise toys inside (they’re not only for the kiddos) or infused with CBD oil to help soothe those tired muscles. 

Lavender eye pillows with removable cover- these are handmade with lavender buds, flax, and Young Living essential oils and are the perfect weight to block out the light and aid in relaxation during class or at home. 

Snarky Tea- we are an official distributer of this delicious tea and you can purchase sample boxes or tins of tea in our studio. We have almost all the teas available for sampling over in our tea bar. 

Phocus- This is a product based out of Louisville, KY and it’s naturally caffeinated sparkling water without the fizzy feel in your gut. A personal favorite is the new cherry cola flavor…yeah you read that right! These are awesome to help curb the soda habit.  

Pricklee Cactus Water- Our new favorite (and caffeine free) drink to replenish and rehydrate. I’m not going to lie, I love cactuses so I bought a case of this to try without doing my research just because of their marketing. It’s SO GOOD and everyone loved it so we ordered more. We have all the flavors of Pricklee and Phocus in our retail area for demo only (they’re empty) so let us know which one you’d like and we will get you a cold one from the back. 

Other Misc- We have a few Wanderlust candles left and marked down along with a few Lululemon masks (so comfortable!!). 

If you are a small business and interested in us carrying your goods let us know. We accept new items as we have space available. 


Currently, we don’t have any kid specific yoga classes. Our regular  classes are not designed for small children as they do better with much shorter classes and poses with kiddos in mind. If  your kiddo(s) is mature enough to stay on their own yoga mat and follow along without being disruptive they are welcome to join you! Kids are $10 or if you have a class package you can ask us about sharing them. 

Teens are welcome to our FeetUp & Flow classes, but it is not suitable for smaller children. 

Our “Let That Sh*T Go” and “Rage Yoga” classes are not appropriate for children at all. 

A great resource for kids yoga is Cosmic Kids online or checking out Omie’s Yoga Studio in Louisville, Ky. 


Pop-up classes are classes that are not on our regular weekly schedule. They are often times taught by guest instructors. If you have a class package or membership these classes are included. Anything that falls under the workshop or special event category is not included with passes and has a separate fee like our candle making workshop for example.  

Some of our popular pop-up classes has included Rage Yoga taught by certified badass Mandy and Let That Sh*T Go led by Jen. 

YOD (yoga + HIIT) and Yoga Under The Stars is a couple more pretty cool pop-up classes we offer on occasion. 

These classes are announced on our website, in our newsletter, and on social media.