I took my first yoga class in 2005 and I remember feeling really out of place and embarrassed. I tried a few more classes at other facilities and felt yoga was not for me. I practiced with some videos at home off and on over the years, but it wasn’t until 2014 before I really gave yoga another chance…and it wasn’t by choice. I was recovering from a  running injury and my PT prescribed (forced) me to practice yoga and one day a week had to be in a studio. There was a lot of resistance at first, and it took several visits to find a place I could practice and feel comfortable. I continued to show up weekly and  made a full recovery. I  continued to practice yoga off and on at home and occasionally go to a class. 
In the Fall of 2016 I went to a beer festival with my husband.  After sampling a few too many IPA’s I placed a bid on a silent auction item they had going on for a 3 month yoga pass to 502 Power Yoga. I had no idea where this studio was located or even what Power Yoga was, but it sounded like a great idea. I was called two days later to claim my prize that I had forgotten I even bid on. I planned to sell that pass because the thought of going to a new studio made me even more anxious than I already was. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and some other issues and felt like I was lost in a dark forest. I decided to be bigger than my fear and give it a try. 

That was the catalyst I needed to change my life. I LOVED the practice, sense of community, and  the changes I saw in myself both on and off my mat were incredible…I was able to manage my anxiety rather than letting it control me. I became a stronger runner with less injuries and better body awareness. My self confidence increased and I stopped letting others treat me poorly. I became a regular yogi ad loved it so much I  started working at the studio on the Energy Exchange Team, and later  was trained to be on the A-Team (assisting). during classes. I laughed when several of my teachers and mentors would discuss the yoga teacher training program, with me. I remember saying “there is no way I could do that!” Well… here I am.
I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with 502 Power Yoga in March 2019. I started teaching classes with the Kentucky Yoga Initiative all over Louisville, cat yoga with my friend Betsy at the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe, and a weekly class to First Responders. I started teaching classes at my friend’s spa here and there, and it quickly grew in popularity… then Covid hit and changed everything. All in person classes were cancelled and banned, forcing us to learn how to teach online. I was also laid off from work and used that time to work on some certifications and expand my training. 

I love learning and will always continue to expand my knowledge. I completed my Yoga For All and children’s yoga certification in mid 2020 and started another training to learn how to safely teach inversions using the FeetUp Trainer. I also have training in chair and restorative yoga which is great for those with limited mobility, recovering from an injury, or would like a more gentle option. 

 I am a “yoga nerd” and love learning new things to share with others. I know first hand the incredible healing power yoga has not only for the body, but the mind too. I love sharing this practice with anyone and everyone, but I especially love teaching beginners and witnessing their transformations. True You Yoga was an idea that came to me during meditation before I even graduated my 200 hour program! The idea was to create a space where everyone feels welcomed just as they are and to make yoga accessible to EVERYbody. I am so excited to be opening a yoga studio in my hometown! 
I live in Corydon with my husband, Nathan, whom you may see at some of my classes and is always so supportive and shares his humor. We have two long-haired black cats named Sir Purrs A lot (Spat for short) and Sophia. When I am not working with my brother at his marketing firm or doing something yoga related, I love to be outdoors or chilling with family and friends. I enjoy hiking, going to yoga festivals, and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and yes, I even practice yoga on the paddle board sometimes. I’m always up for an adventure and want to LIVE LIFE LOUD!!!