A BIG thank you

I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has joined a live class, watched a recorded class, shared such kind feedback, and donated. I really appreciate all the support, and especially during this challenge. I was super frustrated with technology at first and felt very overwhelmed. With almost every studio offering online classes I really put the pressure on myself. I wanted to offer beautiful videos in high definition, with a seamless scheduling system, and on and on. The truth is, I was again comparing myself to others and sitting on my own cactus. After a failed attempt at teaching my very first chair yoga class, which was my third online class attempt, I gave up with the online classes for a bit. I’ll just leave the classes up to the other amazing yoga teachers out there is what I thought.

I started thinking about my why (I teach) and how despite the challenges I had to keep trying and figure this out. In a time when we NEED yoga even more, I can’t give up just because I feel resistance. That’s NEVER been my style. I’m getting Zoom figured out after several trial and errors, and I signed up up for a streaming service to have my videos available to watch on demand. I was running out of storage in Zoom’s app after only a few classes which was another issue. I’m also learning how to create this website, with help from my brother, and I’m getting faster at adding content and updating now. I also discovered how to fix the unstable internet issue I was having at first when streaming classes by plugging a cable directly into the router. I’m still fighting with my Dad’s webcam, but I did finally get it work with my Mac. I’m proud to say that no devices were thrown in the learning process!

After recording class Friday evening I felt much better about getting my yoga classes online and to you. Things aren’t going to be perfect and I embrace my mess! Teaching virtually is a challenge for sure, but will help me grow as well. I may even keep teaching some virtual classes once this all over with. I finally got off my cactus and I’m working on getting more classes scheduled along with a little more variety. I am going to add a 20-30 minute flow, Power Vinyasa (more challenging but all levels), perhaps a restorative class, and try again with the chair yoga. If there is something you’d like please let me know! If there is anything I can do to help you with your practice or anything else please let me know. I am also able to offer private, one on one, virtual classes or workshops if you have something that you want to work on. Contact me and we can discuss it! Namaste!

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