Open House Event!

Join us on Saturday, April 3rd for our open house! We will have our regular yoga for all class that morning at 9 am (be sure to register if you’d like to join) then we will start the party afterwards. There will specials on our class packages (in studio purchase only), giveaways, fun sample flows of our classes, a chance to check out our studio and meet the teachers, and have a great time with your fellow yoga community. Masks are required.

Switch Your Perspective!

Our FeetUp & Flow classes have been such a hit I had to make it a regular weekly class! We offer this unique class on the first and third Tuesday and the second and fourth Thursday of each month. We are the only yoga studio in the area that offers these fun classes. We use the original FeetUp Trainers to mix an all levels flow class with some optional inversions. These classes are beginner friendly and many yogis LOVE using the FeetUp trainer to reduce the pressure on their hands and wrists in poses such as Downward Facing Dog. This tool also makes inversions safer because there is no pressure on the head or neck.

We are expecting four more trainers to arrive this week. We have a limit of 8 (soon to be 12) people for class so registration is strongly recommended to save your spot (and trainer). As always, inversions are completely optional and we do practice some inversions with your feet on the ground too. Yoga mats (and other props such as blankets for extra cushion and support) are available if you need to borrow one.

Join us for a class soon and flip your perspective! You can register through Schedulicity here. If it’s your first time at our studio the cost is $10. Our regular drop in rate is $15. You can save $3-5 per class by purchasing a class package.

Welcome Spring… A new class and a couple of reminders.

It’s the beginning of March and it’s been wonderful to see the sun shining! Mother Nature has been playing with temps like Power Ball numbers… 66 40 33 58 24 13 and for the last couple of days she’s mistaken the season for monsoon season. Spring showers do bring on May flowers as they say… and Spring also brings on more yoga classes!

Anne-Marie is adding a Hatha Yoga class to our Friday schedule starting THIS WEEK at 4 pm. Hatha is simply structured gentle yoga sequences where the focus is quality of the pose and how to link the breath to deepen the posture. This is a class for all levels and an excellent class for beginners too.

Here is this weeks yoga class offerings!

A couple of reminders:

Please remove your shoes in the lobby before entering the back studio space. Store your non yoga essentials in the cubby area. Consider wearing some yoga socks if you prefer not to be barefoot. Be sure to bring a bottle with you, we have a new water dispenser in the studio. We will offer some hot teas in the future as well.

Masks are to be worn at all times in the studio including during classes.

Group fitness classes, especially anything that has you breathing deeply (YOGA!!) is a higher risk for this virus to spread. We have been vigilant since bringing all classes indoors back in the late fall- masks on at all times, extra cleaning, reducing class sizes to allow for more spacing and so far we have not had any students contact this virus from a class. I read where TX has lifted the mask mandate. I do not feel this is a good idea right now, not until the vaccine has been administered to MANY MANY MORE individuals. Thank you to everyone for working together on this. I understand all of us are “over it” but this pandemic isn’t over us yet. I am hopeful later on this year we can be mask optional, and once we offer outdoor yoga classes again masks will be optional for outdoor classes since we can space out more and there is plenty of fresh air.

Here is a couple of suggestions to help make mask wearing more breathable for exercising.

Below is a link to Amazon for the Under Armour sports mask. It has high reviews and was personally recommended to me by a friend that teaches and takes Power Yoga and YOD (HIIT Yoga) classes in a 90 degrees heated studio with masks on at all times. These can also be ordered from Dicks Sporting Goods. Be sure to measure from the bridge of your nose to the middle of your ear to select the proper size. I ordered one of these for myself and my husband to test out. These are expensive ($30!!) just to prep you for sticker shock. I know there is also many other sports mask options. I did try the Athleta mask and was unimpressed and found it ill fitting for my face. This one (link below) has a cool layer of material that is against your face, a sweat absorbing middle layer, and a water resistant outer layer. I will share my own personal review once I have time to test it out.

****EDIT 3/2/21 *** I received my new Under Armor mask today. My first impression is it feels like it wants to ride up my chin when I look down. I will try it out during my practice tomorrow. I ordered the s/m per my measurements and it felt a little snug. I ordered m/l for my husband and I tried his on just to see the difference in fit. It was a little looser, but it still felt like it was riding up my chin. As of right now I prefer a disposable mask. If you have found a great mask for working out please leave a comment and share!

The other (and VERY affordable) recommendation was silicone face mask brackets that you place under your mask. These create space to allow you to breathe better without sucking your mask into your mouth when inhaling. They can be used with both disposable masks or cloth masks. I did see a suggestion to use double sided tape or do a quick stitch to hold the shield in place if you feel it’s not secure enough. There is many different options of these, but it’s an affordable idea to try. If the link below doesn’t work search Amazon for silicon face bracket and you will find so many options.

We also provide (free) disposable masks in the studio. They are on the counter to the far left at the front desk. Disposable masks are sometimes easier to breathe in than multilayer cloth masks. Feel free to swap your mask before class.

Thank you all for your continued support! We are excited to offer another class on the schedule, and hopefully at least one or two more later this month. I will be getting the pop up classes planned for this month and planning for our macrame succulent holder is in the works… date TBD.