New Pop Up Class!

I’ve been asked several times about having another “Let That Sh*t Go” yoga class. I first taught that class at Light & Love Yoga and it was such a hit. I also offered it a couple times while teaching at Belle Amie Massage Therapy and we had such a good time. I didn’t teach this out in the park or at the Farmer’s Market because I wouldn’t be able to warn people about this class and the neighbors nearby might not approve either!

THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL YOGA CLASS! More information can be found under the “Pop Up Classes” tab in the main menu. Register through the Schedulicity App or click on “Sign Up for A Class” under the main menu and scroll or use the calendar to jump to 2/12/21 and register.

Have you met Anne-Marie yet?

Anne-Marie started teaching with True You Yoga earlier this month and is currently teaching slow flow Vinyasa every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am. It’s a great way to start your day, and she is planing to add more classes to the schedule in the following months. Besides keeping busy with her family and yoga, she is also one of the amazing massage therapists next door at Belle Amie. Here is a little more about her.

With an ever-growing affinity to growth and restoration of the mind and body, Anne-Marie Baker takes pride in her divinely given ability to assist her clients in their healing journey. In 2014, she graduated from the Palm Beach State College Massage Therapy 750 hour program in and has since been a practicing licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida and Indiana. As a dedicated weightlifter, functional movement fanatic, postpartum support provider, and yoga enthusiast, her knowledge of functional anatomy is both practiced and applied in all aspects of her work. The desire to deepen the mind-body connection in her practice led her to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center in 2020 and is currently Yoga Alliance registered. The yoga teacher training has allowed her to dive deeper into holistic healing with the goal to positively impact the entire world one person at a time.

I’m so happy to have her on the True You Yoga teaching team. Be sure to register for a yoga class with her and schedule yourself a massage.

Upcoming Pop Up Classes and Workshops

We have a new pop up class coming in February along with a beginner’s yoga workshop series beginning. We are so excited to hold space for you in the studio and look forward to offering more workshops and fun pop up classes. We have so many great ideas planned, but one thing at time right? Maybe.

More information on pop up classes and workshops can be found under the menu tab.

True You Yoga & Lovely Daffodils

My cousin is the creator of Lovely Daffodils and makes such beautiful bracelets, earrings, and more! She has recently expanded her line to include roll on perfumes that smell so delightful. Stop by the studio to check out her creations and join us for a class while you’re there!

1/11/2021 True You Yoga’s first delivery!
This is only her first delivery. She wanted to check out the space first and plan her display. Lovely Daffodils will be delivering her second order this week!

We are open!!

Come check out the new studio! You can register for a class under the “Sign up for a class tab” or download the Schedulicity App for fast and easy booking. Save True You Yoga to your favorites in the app! For pricing on classes click on the “Pricing/Class Packages/Membership” tab. Class packages are a great way to save $3-5 per class and can be used over the next 6 months. If you’re coming 2 or more times per week then a membership is for you! Plus True You Yoga Memberships comes with perks too!

Restorative AKA sleep yoga was a hit! Come and enjoy a very gentle yoga class while being fully supported by bolsters (dense cushions), blocks, straps, and weighted blankets. Dress in comfortable layers and bring cozy socks to wear. If you have a weighted eye pillow feel free to bring that if you’d like. We do offer an aromatherapy towel at the end before the final resting pose if you’re not already snoozing.
I love offering variations to poses to help make yoga more accessible to all. We have props you can borrow or bring your own to class. *this photo was a taken privately. Masks are required in studio and during classes per guidelines*