Yoga In The Park

This was my first yoga in the park class and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun to teach, the energy from everyone was incredible, and it filled my heart with so much joy. We had a wonderful turnout and I already had requests for another class before we even left Hayswood Park. I am trying to contact the Parks Dept. to make sure I can use that area of the park on a regular basis, schedule and weather permitting.

Another class I have dreamed of teaching is Yoga Under The Stars. I dreamed of teaching this before I even became a yoga teacher. I would go outside to practice in my yard or driveway and talk myself through a practice. I would think how incredible this would be to share with others. Fast forward, I became a registered yoga teacher in the spring of 2019… YAY!! I didn’t have the courage or confidence to teach this class last summer, but my intuition is telling me I MUST make this happen. Currently, I am brainstorming with others to find a large area that will meet our needs for this class, and I am excited to check out a possible location tomorrow morning. STAY TUNED!!!

Why under the stars? A clear dark night with stars lighting up the sky like a million watt lightbulb is just mesmerizing to look at. Also, if your skin is like mine it has two settings…. well done and extra crispy. So, a break from the sunshine is wonderful too. But the true fascination with stars is the healing and peace I feel when star gazing. Yoga brings me that same healing and peace, along with many other benefits too. I am looking forward to blending these two joys together and sharing this with others. I will post more details once I have a location and date(s) in mind.