We inspire our students to be true to themselves with body positive classes and a non intimidating atmosphere, connection to community, and a welcoming experience every time they walk through our doors. 

We are located right off Highway 62 heading towards O’Bannon Woods and next door to Belle Amie Massage Therapy. We started renovating the space in the Fall of 2020 and opened the studio that December. Prior to opening the studio, Jen taught classes all over town including New Albany and Louisville since 2019. We are so excited to have this beautiful and large space that welcomes a unique array of individuals to practice yoga and build a community. 

True You Yoga has grown over the last couple of years and now has several other amazing yoga instructors leading classes as well as studio assistants that help keep the studio clean and running smoothly. Our community is truly incredible and very supportive of each other from cheering you on and celebrating your yoga victories to having a cup of tea and creating connections.  

You aren’t just another body in the studio here. You are recognized and noticed here. We are here to lead you through your practice as your guides and help you make this practice your own. Our instructors sequence each class to lead all levels at once. Variations are offered so you can choose to modify or amplify your practice as desired. 

We have lots of props available in the studio to help you deepen the pose or make it more accessible. We want to help you create poses that fit your unique body, meeting yourself where you are now, instead of trying to force it into a posture you saw on Instagram. If you take a look around class you will see everyone in their own variation and we encourage you to make this practice your own!

True You Yoga offers yoga classes everyday, workshops, and private yoga sessions. You can visit Belle Amie next door for massage therapy and Quantum Biofeedback Technology. Check us out for your yoga & wellness needs.

Yoga Classes

We offer FeetUp, Restorative, Vinyasa & Hatha Flow, Yoga + HIIT, and fun pop up classes like Rage Yoga.

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Sound healing, macrame, and more! Check out one of our workshops

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Belle Amie offers cupping and infrared sauna in addition to massage therapy

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Quantum Biofeedback

Relax, release, restore, renew. Discover the best you through the amazing technology of Biofeedback

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Are you new to our studio? Upgrade to our new student intro offer when you check in and enjoy unlimited classes for 30 days.

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We want you to come and check out all the different classes that we have to offer. Trying something new can be scary and takes courage, but you don’t need to be flexible like a gymnast or sure footed like a mountain goat to practice yoga. Are you afraid you might look silly? No worries! We joke about being a group of misfits (and Sasquatches) and don’t take classes too seriously. Come as you are, do what you can, and have fun! 

If you purchase a new student single class online and want to upgrade to our 30 day intro offer let us know before or after class! If you upgrade the same day we will apply your $10 single class to the upgrade. 

"Often in daily life, our body and mind are separate. Sometimes our body is here but our mind is lost in the past or focused on the future. If we can breathe mindfully, we bring the mind and body together, and they become one again"

Thich Nhat Hanh

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True You Yoga Studio

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812-596-4281 | info@trueyouyoga.org 

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